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5 Important Documents Home Buyers Should Keep Safe! (PT8)

One paper, two paper, three paper, a million of them. Buying a home really comes with a lot of documents. No seriously, a lot of them.


This is Cherine Anderson, your power realtor with another power tip.

I’ve compiled five super important documents related to your apartment buying process that you need to ensure that you keep safe.


  • Copy of your title: Well it’s a given, you buy the property, it’s your receipt. You own it. Keep it safe.


  • A copy of your strata plan because you will need to verify the true size of your apartment. All that information is on the strata plan.


  • Copy of the bylaws because it only makes sense. You’ll need to know what rules govern your strata. You know like somebody will have that no pet policy.


  • Copy of the certificate outlining your unit tax obligations: Now paying your taxes help the local government with revenue for things like fixing the streetlights, you know plus the pot holes or the craters or whatever you call them plus other public and community amenities.


  • You would also need a copy of the electrical and plumbing drawings. Now sometimes you buy super studios and end up modifying them to be a one-bedroom or a two bed room. It would only make sense that you know where your panels are, where is the breaker, plus what’s going on with your plumbing.


And let’s say you we’re buying a house, it would be good to know where the sewage is because you don’t want that pit to “over-full” with all the- That’s gonna be some real real problems.

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