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What is a breach? (PT6)

Hey this is your power realtor, Cherine Anderson with another power tip.


Does the apartment have a breach and what does this all mean?


So first of all, the only real way to confirm that there is a breach is, you have to get the services of a land surveyor, a commissioned land surveyor and they will produce something called a surveyor ID report, which will tell you what specific restrictive covenants have been breached.


So let’s say your neighbor decide to extend the little patio at the back of the apartment because they’re expecting a baby and they want that extra little room, right.


They now, close off the space and think all is well and good but now Tom Jones across the block decides that he’s gonna sell his unit. Now, we could have a problem here.


Any owner trying to sell a unit in that complex is gonna have a bit of an issue because now there’s a breach and this could be a $300,000 problem.


Seek the services of an attorney to apply to the courts to modify that specific covenant.

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