Non-Payment Of Water Bill And Selling Your Apartment (PT4)

If your water bill is not paid and you owe it long enough, you may not be able to sell your apartment.

Most strata has one meter that goes into any complex and then you have sub-meters for all the apartments or the units within that complex. So, let’s say you forfeit on paying maintenance fee. If it is not paid and the strata cannot take care of their bills and the water will be turned off. This can eventually lead overtime to a run down apartment.

Think about that pregnant woman who lives on the 3rd floor or that old lady who is sick and can’t take care of herself. Water is life- remember that.

Also, if the complex has outstanding water bills, everyone in the unit will have problems selling. If you decide that after a year you are going to sell this place and get your money, it’s not going to happen. The maintenance will have to be paid up. Always remember, water runs with land. Your attorney will have to give an undertaking to clear this expense. The water bill must be cleared before you change ownership.

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