What is a Common Law Title (PT37)

Cherine Anderson here from mypowerliving.com and here is another Power Tip.

So… the big question is What is a Common Law Title?

A Common Law Title, simply put is for unregistered lands that is not under the Registration of Titles Act. So let’s say you are living on land and that land does not have an official registered title, But someone wants to buy it. You’ll need to prove ownership through documentation such as a Common Law Title otherwise called a ‘Deed of Conveyance’

Each time a common law title is transferred a new deed of conveyance has to be recorded at the Registrar General Department within 3 months. However, before you record it you’ll have to pay Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty

Once this is paid, this is noted on this Deed and then this Deed is recorded at the Registrar General Department. So this is your notice to the world Hey I Own It”

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