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Things I told my sellers to do to protect privacy (PT25)

There is always that nosy next neighbor who really is not really on the market to buy a property, but has a friend who is an agent who can call a listing agent to arrange the viewing for a property that they are not on the market to buy.

Put away mail: You want to know how the next-door neighbor knows your JPS was disconnected or credit card bill is overdue? Maybe because you left that stack of mail, right next to the toaster oven, on the island in your kitchen during a viewing. Things like bankruptcy, divorce papers, small loans and hospital bills. Do you really believe a buyer will not read your personal mail? Think again.

When a buyer walks into a house they are looking for every possible reason to negotiate a lower price. If they realize you are in a position where you have to sell they will use that to their advantage. This is one of the reasons we do Power Houses…not open houses.

Organize your closet: People don’t need to know what you’re getting into. What you do when your doors are closed, it’s your business. It is best to you organize your space to be very neutral. Empty the drawers. Do not leave anything that could have the buyer assuming the wrong impression of you. Put away all the sexy lingerie, the jewelry etc. Remember you’re selling the property.

If you need additional information you can also ask your power realtor to do a scan of the property to make sure that it is buyer ready!

Remove photos and awards: People are bias and buyers are people. Leaving out your longstanding awards that shows religious or political affiliation can actually work against you as a seller. Someone may not support your political party or religious views and decide not to place an offer based on just that.

Put away family photos, wedding pictures, pictures of graduations or maybe a loved one, someone who has passed away. All these things tell people your age, your and sometimes buyers us it to their advantage to really negotiate.

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