4 Things that could kill your sale (PT24)

Leaking roof: The lifespan of a roof is about 20 -25 years. The first thing we need to assess is do we need to completely fix the roof? Are we fixing a small leak or a partially fix the roof? If possible, I would suggest fixing it before putting the property on the market or be prepared to negotiate with the buyer. Roofing problems can run thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the size of the home. We don’t want to your sale price to leak away.

Foundation cracks: We know that houses settle during the first few months, sometimes years after construction, and it’s not unusual to see minor wall cracks running along the wall or on slab roofs. However, if there is are large horizontal or jagged 50-degree crack running on the wall this could be a sign of severe foundation shifting or water damage. Would you want this collapsing on your family?

Now we know that you may not be in the construction business but you may have to fix the problem before putting the property on the market or be prepared to adjust your asking price. If the buyer decides to do a structural engineer report this will come up. A full disclosure would be the right thing to do.

Termites: Termite problems are serious…and could be a big deal breaker! They can cause serious structural damage and this can significantly impact the property value and ultimately eat away at your sale price.

Get a professional to treat and repair this. So, if you’ve just fixed the roof, armed with your receipt and all the upgrades that you’ve done on the property, prove it!

Mold: Mold is not just a problem for people with asthma. Sometimes it’s not even visible to homebuyers. I know sometimes, as the seller you won’t even be aware until you smell something musty it or you actually see the stains on walls. A musty smelling house or mildewed wall or that black and white fuzzy thing growing on grout in your bathroom and kitchen will get you a lot questions asked from the buyer.

If you are aware of mold in your house hire a professional to fix the problem or keep your surfaces dry and clean.

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