What (not) to do when showing potential buyers your home (PT23)

Pets run around: Not all homebuyers have pets or even love pets! We know you may have good memories or good relationships with your fluffy feline or your cute poodle that you cuddle with to watch TV.

But remember, potential buyers could actually have an allergic reaction to pets. They may not necessarily like pets and pets running around, jumping on the furniture, peeing, especially for the ones who are not necessarily trained. That can be a big distraction to buyers. Remember, you want a situation where the buyers can envision themselves in your beautiful home. It is not about your family at this point, it’s about theirs. They need to be able to see themself in the space with no distraction from the pets.

Let your children run wild: Although children can be super cute and super adorable, they can be a big distraction for buyers. Might I suggest that you can ask a friend or family member the keep those younger kids at that 2-year-old stage that are probably pulling down stuff or crying or throwing stuff all over the place. What if the potential buyer is a couple that may not be able to have children?

Lying or withholding information: Lying or withholding information about the property like if the roof is leaking, or if there are major cracks in the wall. Let’s say there is mold – think about it if the buyer has children who may have asthma, and as soon as they move in the child gets the worst attack! Could you live with yourself!

We also know that making extra extensions to the property requires a special permit. You don’t want to add two stories to a foundation that cannot hold the weight! Making major extensions to your home requires requisite permits. Buyers who are armed with power realtors are asking many questions up front. Before they sign the sale agreements they are doing their power checks. You don’t want all your money to be leaking away so just be honest, be a good human being.

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