5 Things that could delay your sale that are within your control (PT20)

Clean the clutter: Clutter is a major turn off for buyers. The zinc and the lock and the pan that is packed up in a room, or the old car parts over there. Remember, buyers want to imagine themselves in this space and generally, on first look you want them to be so impressed that they can actually make you an offer. So get rid of the mess.

Foul odors: Pet odors from the dogs and cats and different things that are in the house, you may be so immune to it because you lie in the space but you simply can’t cover these things with a Febreze and sweet smelling candles. Get the whole family involved, get them to help you clean out the space or if it’s something you can’t handle, please hire a professional cleaning team to come in and get rid of that. The odors can be a very big turn off.

Flexible viewing times: In order for someone to make an offer, they have to be able to view the property. After 6PM it’s too late, it’s too dark and no one wants to view a property in the dark. Suggesting something like 7:30 AM on a weekday morning, people go to work. If you really want this property to be sold, you will need to have flexile viewing times. Preferably, in the day when it is well lit so the buyer can see everything. Additionally, if tenants are living on the property, you want to have this conversation with them very early because they will have to help you to facilitate the viewing of the property. This can be a bit sensitive because sometimes, tenants do not want potential buyers to be walking through their home. However, if they are not buying the property and it is up for sale you will need to have this discussion with your tenant.

Repairs and depersonalize the space: We know that renovations can cost but remember, buyers want the best for their money and you the seller wants top dollar. You may have loved that shocking green accent wall in your living room but the buyer might absolutely hate it. It is always a good idea to keep everything really neutral.

It is also best to take personal items out of the home during showings. Such as crucifix, empty bottles with candles, chillum pipes and eccentric paintings of nude bodies

Remember, the buyers want to envision themselves in this home. Once you put the property up for sale, this is a transaction. You cannot necessarily attract a buyer with all your personal taste so depersonalize the space please.

Property taxes and water: Before the purchaser’s mortgage company disburses funds for the property they will ask for 2 things. A certificate of payment for the property taxes so ensure that is paid and up to date. They will also require an up to date water bill and this should generally show a zero balance. Ensure you take care of this early and don’t delay your process.

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