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3 Reasons You Should Get A Valuation Before Selling Your Home in Jamaica (PT17)

What is your property worth?

Hey, this is your power realtor, Cherine Anderson with another power got power topic.



  • It gives you an advantage

Any given time there are hundreds even thousands of properties being sold on the open-market. Now, the average a buyer looks at about 7- 10 properties before making a decision on one, that one that they absolutely love. So by doing an evaluation, before setting a asking price, 1, it indicates to the buyer that you’re honest and that the property was actually assessed by an evaluation professional who was comparing your property to other similar properties in the market and not just you coming up with a personal, sentimental price. So valuation report definitely gives you an advantage.


  • Eliminating the low ball offers


We know Jamaicans love a deal. Now armed with your valuation report you can just ignore some of the lowball offers because it would’ve given you an ideas of everything in the property that you needed to fix or address before putting the property on the market and of all these things are fixed then the buyer wouldn’t really have don’t much grounds to negotiate your asking price. Now remember, if the property is in a great shape, priced right- you should be able to fetch multiple offers so you want the valuation report because you want to be guided by a professional assessment of the property.




You know I’m going to keep it all the way real with you, right?

If the house is in a mess, it’s not going to sell, it won’t even budge. It will sit on the market for months and months. Buyers come, they look, they leave, they dont make a proper offer and im sure thats not what you want. If you’re home is in good shape, the roof is in check, no foundation issues, the walls are together, there’s no problem with the floor, the plumbing is together, updated electrical, no mold in the house then your sale could actually close really quickly. Remember, the longer the property stays on the market, the less likely you’ll get the price that you want for it so get your evaluation report done.

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