3 Reasons you should get a valuation before selling your home in Jamaica (PT17)

Gives you an advantage: At any given time there are hundreds even thousands of properties being sold on the open-market. On average, a buyer looks somewhere between 7- 10 properties before deciding on a property.

By doing a valuation before setting your asking price, this indicates to the buyers that you’re honest. It shows the buyer that the property was actually assessed by a valuation professional who was comparing your property to other similar properties in the market and not just you coming up with a personal sentimental price. So valuation report definitely gives you an advantage.

Eliminate low ball offers: We know Jamaicans love a deal, but armed with your valuation report, you can ignore some of those low-ball offers. It would have given you everything in the property that you needed to address before putting the property on the market. If all these things are fixed then the buyers will have less grounds to negotiate your asking price. Now remember, if the property is in a great shape, priced right, you should be able to fetch multiple offers. You want a valuation report to be guided by a professional assessment of the property.

Faster sale: You know I’m going to keep it all the way real with you, right?

If the house is in a mess it’s not going to sell, it won’t even budge. I could sit on the market for months, buyers come, they look, they leave, they don’t make a proper offer and I’m sure that’s not what you want.

If your home is in the best shape, roof fixed, no foundation issues, the walls are together, there is no problem with the floor, plumbing together, updated electrical, no mold in the house…then your sale could close quickly. Remember, the longer it stays on the market the less likely you are to get the amount that you want so get your valuation report done.

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