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Disadvantages of Selling By Yourself (PT16)

Do you want your house to sell quickly?

This is your power realtor Cherine Anderson
Today we’re going to look at the top two  (2) disadvantaged of selling your house by yourself.
  • Little to no exposure: So level with me. You’d like your house to sell quickly, right? You’d like to get it to be seen by as many people as possible but more importantly you want pre-qualified or pre-approved buyers, right? Ok, you also want the highest and best price, correct? Now if your answer was yesterday to all of the above then trying to sell your home by yourself may not always be the best ideas unless you have a very large audience and that audience is specifically looking to purchase property.
Good real estate companies come to the table with a lot of information on similar properties like yours and what they actually sold for. I’m not talking about the story your neighbor have you when they told you, ” oh, I sold this for 50 million dollars” when really and truly only 25 million was passed for the property. I’m talking the actual information so your realtor should be able to give you the correct date so that you have proper information and a firm understanding of what is going on in the market with properties that look like yours.
If less people looking at the property then chances are, you’re not going to get that many offers and it’s going to sit longer on the market and you probably won’t get that ‘bidding war’ situation that I know a lot of you sellers like.
  • No knowledge of what is really happening in the market:
The beauty about using a  good real estate company is they should be able to tell you what is going on in the market like sometimes apartments move faster than houses or people are looking for more land so you don’t want to necessarily place your property on the market at a time when people are not actively looking for that kind of product. Now that’s not information that you’re going to find in the newspaper darling, that’s information that you’re going to find from using a good power realtor.
Your power realtor will  also be able to tell you what improvements you could make to your  property to get top dollar. I mean, at the end of the day you want the highest price, the highest and the best offer for your property right? It is always wise to do your research and find that power realtor, power brokerage that comes  with a sizable sphere of influence and a large database of people who are, hear me good, pre-approved and pre-qualified and is actually in a position to purchase your property. You don’t want to be starting and stopping your process, this could go on forever and of you are trying to sell and you have to sell right away, you need that extra help.
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