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Why You Shouldn’t Skip A Final Walk-Through (PT15)

Do I need to do a final walk through?

This is your power realtor Cherine Anderson with another power tip.


If your question is do you need to do a final walk through, the answer is yes, yes yes.

A final walk through is an awesome idea, let me tell you why. So a final walk through will give you the buyer a chance to make sure that everything is as expected. Nothing has changed since the first time you saw the property. If one of the terms of your contract is that repair were to be done you want to ensure that repairs were done because once everything is transferred in your name you bought it. So do your walk through.


If you looked at an apartment and the apartment had two (2) air conditioning units in there so during your first visit you say you love this, you’re going to make an offer on this but then you decide you’re going to forego your walk through. Now your name is on the title because everything has been transferred to your name and when you show up in that apartment you don’t see the AC. You see why it would be important to do the walk through? Because it would be your way of ensuring that the AC, windows, toilet and tiles are in the same place. Ok.


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