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Should I get a home Inspection ? (PT14)

Should I get a home inspection in Jamaica?

Hey, this is your power realtor, Cherine Anderson with another power tip. 
So let’s talk home inspection. Now it’s going to be your due diligence as a purchaserA person, company or business who buys a property for sale. ... More, we’re recommending that you do a valuation and surveyor’s report. In fact, getting a home, your lender is going to require this.
However, who will speak to the electrical, the plumbing or the sewage concerns for this property that you are purchasing? Better yet, you walk into a property and you see some major cracks on the wall. I’m not talking minor cracks that might be due to settling, major cracks.
Who will speak to the structural integrity of the property? I, your power realtor, Cherine Anderson humbly suggest that you seek the services of a certified electrician, a certified plumber and structural engineer especially if the property is a fixer upper or older that 40 years.
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