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What Happens When You make An Offer To Buy A Home in Jamaica

What Happens When You Make An Offer To Buy A Home in Jamaica


Hi, this is your power realtor Cherine Anderson, here are 3 things that could happen when you make an offer.

Rejected Offer to buy a home

Worst case scenario the seller could flat out reject your offer because there was a better offer, or maybe they just didn’t like your offer. But if you really want this home, make another new offer.

Counter Offer to buy a home

Now, the seller could also make a counteroffer, which means you are still in the running.  If you are ok and you accept this new offer; then you close the deal and start your sales process.

But, let’s say you are not satisfied with the with the new offer,  you could also counter this offer. See where this is going? You could end up going back and forth until both parties come to an agreement.

Accepted Offer to buy a home

In the perfect world you could put in an offer and the seller accepts. Then you close the deal and move on with the sale process
Don’t you have a recent experience presenting offers that you’d like to share with the community?

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What happens if you offer to buy a home is rejected
What Happens When You Make An Offer To Buy A Home In Jamaica


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