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Things I told my sellers to do to protect privacy (PT25)

There is always that nosy next-door neighbor who isn’t really on the market to buy a property but has a friend who is an agent who will arrange a viewing even though they cannot afford your property.

But here’s what we recommend that you do:

Put away mail: You want to know how the next-door neighbor knows that JPS disconnected your electricity or if your credit card bill is overdue? Maybe because you left that stack of mail, right next to the toaster oven, on the island in your kitchen during a viewing. Things like bankruptcy documents, divorce papers, small loans, and hospital bills should be kept in a safe place away from the people who are viewing your home. Do you really believe a buyer will not read your personal mail? Oh…Think again.

When a buyer walks into your house they are looking for every possible reason to negotiate a lower price. If they realize you are in a position where you have to sell they will use that to their advantage. This is one of the reasons we do Power Houses…not open houses. But you can call us for more details.

Organize your closet: People don’t need to know what you’re getting into. What you do when your doors are closed is your business. It is best to organize your space to be very neutral. Empty the drawers. Do not leave anything that could have the buyer assuming the wrong impression of you. Put away the sexy lingerie, hide the case for your firearm, remove those colored strings tied on your grill, doorknobs or other random places in your house. I could go on but you get the picture. Remember you’re selling the property, not your lifestyle or practices.

If you need additional information you can also ask our trained Power Team members to do a scan of your property to ensure that it is buyer ready.

Remove photos and awards: People are biased and buyers are people! Leaving out your longstanding awards that show religious or political affiliation can actually work against you as a seller. Someone may not support your political party or religious views and decide not to place an offer based on just that.

Put away family photos, wedding pictures, pictures of graduations or maybe a loved one, especially someone who has passed away. These items tell your whole story, your age and stage in life and sometimes buyers us it to their advantage to really negotiate lower.

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4 Things that could kill your sale (PT24)

Leaking roof: The lifespan of a roof is about 20 -25 years. The first thing we need to assess is do we need to completely fix the roof? Are we fixing a small leak or a partially fix the roof? If possible, I would suggest fixing it before putting the property on the market or be prepared to negotiate with the buyer. Roofing problems can run thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the size of the home. We don’t want to your sale price to leak away.

Foundation cracks: We know that houses settle during the first few months, sometimes years after construction, and it’s not unusual to see minor wall cracks running along the wall or on slab roofs. However, if there is are large horizontal or jagged 50-degree crack running on the wall this could be a sign of severe foundation shifting or water damage. Would you want this collapsing on your family?

Now we know that you may not be in the construction business but you may have to fix the problem before putting the property on the market or be prepared to adjust your asking price. If the buyer decides to do a structural engineer report this will come up. A full disclosure would be the right thing to do.

Termites: Termite problems are serious…and could be a big deal breaker! They can cause serious structural damage and this can significantly impact the property value and ultimately eat away at your sale price.

Get a professional to treat and repair this. So, if you’ve just fixed the roof, armed with your receipt and all the upgrades that you’ve done on the property, prove it!

Mold: Mold is not just a problem for people with asthma. Sometimes it’s not even visible to homebuyers. I know sometimes, as the seller you won’t even be aware until you smell something musty it or you actually see the stains on walls. A musty smelling house or mildewed wall or that black and white fuzzy thing growing on grout in your bathroom and kitchen will get you a lot questions asked from the buyer.

If you are aware of mold in your house hire a professional to fix the problem or keep your surfaces dry and clean.

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What (not) to do when showing potential buyers your home (PT23)

Pets run around: Not all homebuyers have pets or even love pets! We know you may have good memories or good relationships with your fluffy feline or your cute poodle that you cuddle with to watch TV.

But remember, potential buyers could actually have an allergic reaction to pets. They may not necessarily like pets and pets running around, jumping on the furniture, peeing, especially for the ones who are not necessarily trained. That can be a big distraction to buyers. Remember, you want a situation where the buyers can envision themselves in your beautiful home. It is not about your family at this point, it’s about theirs. They need to be able to see themself in the space with no distraction from the pets.

Let your children run wild: Although children can be super cute and super adorable, they can be a big distraction for buyers. Might I suggest that you can ask a friend or family member the keep those younger kids at that 2-year-old stage that are probably pulling down stuff or crying or throwing stuff all over the place. What if the potential buyer is a couple that may not be able to have children?

Lying or withholding information: Lying or withholding information about the property like if the roof is leaking, or if there are major cracks in the wall. Let’s say there is mold – think about it if the buyer has children who may have asthma, and as soon as they move in the child gets the worst attack! Could you live with yourself!

We also know that making extra extensions to the property requires a special permit. You don’t want to add two stories to a foundation that cannot hold the weight! Making major extensions to your home requires requisite permits. Buyers who are armed with power realtors are asking many questions up front. Before they sign the sale agreements they are doing their power checks. You don’t want all your money to be leaking away so just be honest, be a good human being.

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3 Mistakes Jamaican sellers make (PT22)

Unrealistic price: When you overprice your home it simply doesn’t sell or it could stay on the market for a very long time …I’ve seen properties on the market for as much as 3 years!

Remember when you were getting ready to buy and you looked at so many properties before finally deciding on the one you really loved? Remember how hard you negotiated? Well today’s buyers are no different and they have more access to information about the property. When you set the price for your property at what the market can actually bear, you will generally get multiple offers and sometimes that helps to push your price up. So in the end you actually get what you want. However, sometimes it is unrealistically priced because you are…

Staying emotionally attached: If you are not “emotionally’ ready to sell your property then maybe you should wait. If you are not emotionally ready to let go most times you’ll set an unrealistic price and remember it is a transaction for the buyer

I know it may be very hard for you because this is the house where you got married, this is where I had my children but remember for the buyers, it is purely a transaction and you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you could actually sabotage the success of the sale. Sometimes we know you may be forced to sell your property but be upfront with your realtor and get your family or friends to support you as well. You don’t want to be in a situation where your realtor is suggesting one thing and your constantly resisting.

Hiring an inexperienced agent: While we are on the note of Realtors…there are good listing agents and ones that are…well.

Ensure you do your research before you get an agent to list your property. You should hire a good listing agent, especially one that knows what’s going on in the market, one who has experience and understands how to deal with your type of property. You also want to ensure it’s a listing agent who has knowledge of what is going on in the industry and a sphere of influence that will be able to pull and attract more eyes to your property.

So remember, interview your agent and ask all the right questions. If you’re wondering-well, how do I know if it’s the right agent, download our free ebook. It gives you all the questions you should be asking of your realtor, your bank, your attorney, your valuator and your land surveyor.

Need more information? Get all the details in our free ebook, How to Buy an Apartment or Condo in Jamaica.

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5 Major seller’s responsibility (PT21)

Mortgages: If you have a mortgage on your property, until you pay the loan in full, the lender holds the certificate of title and you hold a copy. Chance are you have a duplicate copy.

If you decide to sell this property, you will have to submit an application to your lender to have your mortgage discharged. To discharge the mortgage has fees associated with it. So call your lender and let them give you some additional information on this

No caveats, liens & encumbrance: You may hear these words being tossed around, you might want the definitions, all the definitions are on this website. You should ensure that you will be able to transfer the property at the completion of this sale. You want to ensure there are no tax liens against your property, there are no caveats and there are no encumbrances. Ensure the property can be sold before the property is placed on the market.

Transfer tax: Jamaican law requires that it is the responsibility of the vendor to pay the 5% Transfer Tax if it is being sold.

Pay your property tax: Ensure that you pay your property tax. You will be required some point during your sale to produce a certificate of payment of taxes and this is generally done at the tax office.

Water bill and maintenance fees: At closing the purchaser’s attorney and/or lender’s attorney will require a copy of the most recent water bill…this must be fully paid with a 0 balance. You see how important this is? Remember we spoke about this from PT1-4. This is so important that they do not want the new purchaser should not have to accrue your debts!

If selling an apartment or townhouse all outstanding maintenance fees must be paid as well. Ensure that your utility bills are paid in full and up-to-date.

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