Not all Jamaican Realtors® are created equal! 

Cherine Anderson has a vested interest in educating Jamaican buyers  both at home and abroad as well as expats seeking to find their dream home in Jamaica.

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Learn how to navigate the Jamaican real estate market with Cherine Anderson, CIPS. 
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How to calculate what you can afford

Cherine's power budget calculator covering over 45 ways you spend money monthly.

Why you should never skip your valuation and survey

You won't find this information on even the most recognized Jamaican real estate site, only in the ebook!

Buyer's expense breakdown

Buyer expense breakdown for an apartment including statutory fees and more.

Your dream apartment or condo

What's on the market in Jamaica right now.

Author spotlight

Cherine Anderson is an international multi-award winning entertainer and Real Estate Broker. She also holds a Certified International Property Specialist designation from the National Association of Realtors® in The United States of America and is an active member of the Realtors Association of Jamaica. Host of Power Living, a weekly real estate show, she uses her multiple platforms to inspire and empower her clients and fans worldwide. Experienced at navigating the complexities of the Jamaican real estate environment, she has helped Jamaicans at home and abroad as well as expatriates to find their dream homes.  

Cherine Anderson, CIPS

Readers say

You’ve empowered the participants by sharing valuable information about the Jamaican real estate market – and those that are in the market for apartments and townhouses now know the right questions to ask and who to ask. It’s true what they say- “Knowledge is Power.” Cherine and the Power Living Team have brought that power to the next generation of homebuyers and investors.


Abiola Pereira-Bertram,


Partner - Grant, Stewart, Phillips & Co

Even if you have purchased before, I still recommend that you read this book, and for new buyers, this is a revelation, seriously. 

This is priceless information for such a huge investment that you are about to make. easy read if you are at your desk, airplane, and just chilling, it will worth your time. 

Saudicka Diaram

Executive Producer

The Saudicka Diaram Show

This ebook affords its readers a wealth of information befitting the topic. Its credible and comprehensive perspective presented in a relatable fashion will definitely leave its readers more confident, knowledgeable and decisive.

Kerry-Ann Buckeridge

Financial Services Specialist

Victoria Mutual Building Society


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