Apr 10
Major Reduction in Stamp Duty in 2019 (PT36)

It s all about stamp duty! Now there seems to be an effort to simplify our Jamaican…

Mar 26
Reduction in Transfer Tax in 2019 (PT35)

  Right now there is a lot of buzz about the Minister’s proposal regarding…

Dec 04
Things That Can Go Wrong After A Purchase Offer Is Accepted (PT34)

Do you know that even after you Offer To Purchase has been accepted you may have to…

Nov 29
2 Additional things that could happen when you don’t pay your property taxes (PT33)

Why lose your investment for non-payment of property taxes? So, in…

Nov 20
What happens when you don’t pay your property taxes? (PT32)

It’s always good to do the right thing, because when you’re on the wrong side of the…


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