Hosted by Cherine Anderson

Dec 04
Things That Can Go Wrong After A Purchase Offer Is Accepted (PT34)

Do you know that even after you Offer To Purchase has been accepted you may have to…

Nov 29
2 Additional things that could happen when you don’t pay your property taxes (PT33)

Why lose your investment for non-payment of property taxes? So, in…

Nov 20
What happens when you don’t pay your property taxes? (PT32)

It’s always good to do the right thing, because when you’re on the wrong side of the…

Nov 15
How to get property tax relief (PT31)

Give to Caesar what is dues to Caesar but you that there are sometimes when Caesar…

Nov 05
What does property tax cover in Jamaica? (PT30)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzl1-hXeuoA You may be wondering what exactly does…

Nov 05
Who is exempted from paying property taxes? (PT 29)

In some special cases property tax exemptions are granted in Jamaica. If you own a…

Clients reviews

There is no price tag that could capture the depth of knowledge and resources that you can tap into by working with Cherine. She provided detailed questions to ask and consider before and during the transaction...While most persons are looking to do a quick sale and move on to the next buyer, not only was she efficient and effective, she was also very involved throughout each stage of the process and I never felt too overwhelmed or alone during the journey. For that I am grateful.
Ms. Munroe
Real Estate Virgin Attendee, Financial Advisor
Cherine has extensive knowledge of apartment and stratas, and working with her to purchase our apartment was a pleasure. So, it made sense to continue working with her when we wanted to lease our apartment. What stands out about our experience was the clear communication. She kept all parties on the ball and in the loop. I have already started sending referrals her way.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris
House & Marriage Attendees , First Time Buyers

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